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What is Nice?

Nice is a simple and intuitive sex & intimacy tracker app for iOS. It uses Apple's HealthKit to read and store all of your sexual activities and encounters.

Exclusive for iOS devices with HealthKit.

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Track your sexual activities

Keep track of your sexual activities with the ability to record: when, where, how long, who you're with, protection used, custom sex activities, and a note of your sex activity. View your activities in a list view or calendar view.

Nice List and Calendar Screen

Colors to suit you

Customize the look with themes and be able to unlock more themes by upgrading to premium or by leaving a review (positive or negative) in the App Store.

Nice even has a Dark Theme.
Nice Dark Theme

Premium Features

You can upgrade to premium and unlock new features:

  • All Themes
  • All Statistics
  • All Grouping Options
  • Lock with TouchID or a PIN
  • Custom Sexual Activities
  • Delete Default Activities
  • Track Your Sexual Partners
  • Record the Location of your Activity
  • View all you Sexual Entries on a Map
  • Export your Data as a JSON file
  • Import Data from a JSON file
  • Add an Activity through the URL Scheme
  • ...and all future features

Premium Aux Views

URL Scheme

Nice app can be opened with its URL scheme: naughtyapp://

You can also add an entry through the URL scheme naughtyapp://add by passing the appropriate parameters:

  • activities (required) comma delimited activities and url encoded
  • date (required) 'now' or in the format of 'yyyy-MM-dd-HH-mm'
  • duration number (int) of minutes
  • protection 1 = used, 0 = not used
  • note url encoded string
  • latitude double
  • longitude double
  • partners comma delimited names and url encoded

Example of adding 5 minutes of sex right now:


Example of adding multiple activities:


Importing JSON

You can import a .json file of your activities. The format for input is an array of objects with the following key-value pairs:

  • activities (required) string array of activities
  • date (required) in the format of 'yyyy-MM-dd-HH-mm'
  • duration number (int) of minutes
  • protection true = used, false = not used
  • note string
  • latitude double
  • longitude double
  • partners string array of names


    "activities":["hand job", "sex"],
    "activities":["oral", "sex"],

Privacy Policy

I care about privacy and for that reason Nice doesn't use an internet connection (except for Apple's MapKit so you can plot and view your entries' location, but that is totally optional).

  • I don't want your data
  • I don't collect any data at all
  • I only receive opt-in data Apple sends me


Q: All of my data/entries are gone!

A: Check your HealthKit permissions by opening up: Menu > About > HealthKit Permission. Nice uses HealthKit to save all of your data and it needs your permission to use it.

Q: Why are you making me rate your app!?

A: I'm not! I just provide an incentive (all themes unlocked) to write a good or bad review on the Apple App Store.

Q: What if I don't want to use HealthKit?

A: Currently at this time HealthKit is the only way Nice works. I am working on a solution that doesn't require HealthKit, but it will take some time to roll out.

Q: Hey, can I have [insert cool new feature]?

A: Maybe! Send me an email and I will let you know! I am only a single developer with limited time, so it might take a while.


Issues, suggestions, or feedback? Email me:

Nice in the AppStore


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